Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantages of Better Contact Form?

The Better Contact Form allows you to create a professional contact form within a minutes. You can customize your form fields, form color, recipient email and place the embedded code to your website quickly. There is no technical knowledge required here.

What platforms does the Better Contact Form support

The Better Contact Form is designed to work on all website platforms, eg. PHP, .NET, Java, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, PrestaShop…

Does the Better Contact Form work on mobile devices?

Yes, the Better Contact Form is a responsive form that works on all devices like laptop, tablet, smartphone, ipad, iphone, android, window phone…

Does the Better Contact Form slow down my website?

No, the Better Contact Form uses Javascript asynchronous loading that keep your website loading fast

Why doesn’t the Better Contact Form have a CAPTCHA option?

You hate CAPTCHA, right? With the latest spam protection technology, the Better Contact Form make sure you will never be spammed and your customers will never have to enter a Captcha.

My website is using JQuery library. Is there any JS conflict if I include Better Contact Form embedded code in my website?

No, the Better Contact Form use native JS/CSS code so it will not cause any JS/CSS conflict on your website.

Does the Better Contact Form require any other plugins or libraries?

No, the Better Contact Form does not requires any other plugin/library. It will work smoothly with a small embedded code. For better support, we still provide integration module for popular platform like WordpPress, Joomla, Magento, PrestaShop, Drupal.

Do I need to sign up to create my contact form?

No. You can create your contact form without signing up. But for managing your contact forms easier, you should sign up an account.

Does the Better Contact Form fit with my custom theme?

Yes, the Better Contact Form is designed to fit with any custom theme. You also can change the form color easily to match with your color scheme.

How can I activate the contact form popup automatically after the webpage is loaded?

You can activate the form popup automatically by adding param #contact after the webpage URL. Example (to show contact form for this page):

I have some other questions, how do I get support?

Feel free to contact us or please leave your feedback here

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