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Top common contact form mistakes

November 14, 2013 | by admin

As we mentioned in the previous post, we will about the top common mistakes of contact form in this post. After reviewing many websites, we find that 50% contact forms have one of following mistakes:

  • Form has too many fields. Unnecessary fields just discourage customer to contact you. Do you really need the information like Title, Job Description, Company…? If not then just remove them. Fewer fields will bring you greater conversions.
  • Fields are too small. This makes customer hard to read and enter the text. Make sure your customers can read all your fields clearly and enter the information easily.
  • Form is too large. This wastes time of customers to scan the information and move through all fields. You should design the form fit within 650px.
  • The form contains too many information and graphics. This page is not a good place for marketing. Customers come here to contact you and get support. So don’t distract them.
  • Hide “Contact Us” link. Some websites put the “Contact Us” link in the footer or even in a dropdown menu. This also wastes time of customers when they need to contact you. How do you think if you have to look at whole webpage to just find a place drop a message? That’s why we recommends to use floating “Contact Us” button and AJAX popup form that helps customers to contact you quickly on every webpage whenever they want.
  • Abuse CAPTCHA. You hate CAPTCHA. Right? Everyone is tired to enter a CAPTCHA. Unless you are targeted by hacker, you should not use a CAPTCHA. There are many simple technical to stop 99.9% spam BOT without asking customer enter a CAPTCHA. We will write detail about these technical in a separated post.


All mistakes above are not big and easy to fix but they will definitely discourage your conversions. We hope this post will help you to improve your contact form and increase your conversions.

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