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The reason we launch Better Contact Form

October 24, 2013 | by admin

Many customers asked us a question: "Why do you develop Better Contact Form?" This is a great question and we think we should give the answer here.

  • The contact form is must have and important featureĀ  for every website
  • It is a best way for you to get in touch with your customer online
  • Currently most website uses contact page but it is not really convenient. Some also have many mistakes that discourage customers to send a message. We will tell you about common mistakes in a separated post.
That why we decide to develop a better contact form that give your customer most convenience to contact you:
  • Customer can leave a message on any web pages with a convenient floating button and light-box popup form
  • Customer can submit a message quickly with AJAX technology
  • Customer can drop a message on any devices (desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet...) with smart responsive form
  • It makes your customer happy with a lot of user-friendly features
You can think the old contact page like an old phone that people have to go home or to post office to make a call. Our better contact form likes a smartphone that people can call you anywhere, anytime they want. Does it look interesting? Just create Your Better Contact Form for free.

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